Haida Eagle

Haida Eagle

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Handmade in Vancouver, BC.

Reclaimed Print Co. is honoured to have partnered with Clarence Mills in his latest endeavour, creating quality wood prints that are 100% proudly hand made in Canada using locally milled sustainable wood.

Every wood canvas we use will vary with its style of grain, colour and markings. We like to think of it as having its own personality. Due to this your print may look slightly different than the picture shown.

Each wood canvas is surprisingly easy to hang. A routed groove runs the entire width of the print and simply secures with the use of a wall hook or nail.

Measures 10.5” x 14”

Haida Eagle or Guudaay
As the ruler of the sky, Eagle has the best connection with the creator- the Great Spirit. 
Eagle has the ability to transform itself and symbolizes grace, power and great intellectual ability.